Injury Prevention Solutions

Generating greater muscle-force while decreasing your risk of injury

Muscle Irradiation how it relates to decreased risk of injury during particular exercises, improved movement patterns and greater force output: Muscle Irradiation is the ability of a muscle performing an action to generate greater tension (i.e. force) by being “innervated” from the surrounding muscles. 
What does this mean for you? In order to generate maximal power output during your workout, you must first generate stability in the body!

For example, when performing a squat, dead-lift or even a bench-press, engaging muscle groups such as your lats, core, glute structures and/or forearms (a good tip is torqueing the bar like a pool-noodle) increases stability through the contraction of surrounding muscle groups to the ones you are targeting, translating to greater force output and performance.

In addition, it improves the neuromuscular coordination of the structures, and with time these movements become automatic and therefore decreases your risk of injury since certain structures are moving appropriately.

Motor neurons that fire together become “wired” together.

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