Injury Prevention Solutions


iErgoFit is an injury prevention company that provides onsite injury prevention
solutions to companies looking to protect their employees, by assisting in creating
optimal work environments, providing onsite health and wellness service,
treatment and education. iErgoFit has speciailist around the United States in Southern California (Los Angeles), San Francisco, Sacramento, New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team of medical and allied health professionals specialize in occupational injury prevention, injury management, as well as health and medical services. We have a real appetite for innovation and often ask, “how can we do things better?”

Andre Arthur, is the founder/owner of iErgofit. He has experience providing injury prevention solutions in office, hospital, and industrial work-spaces, creating and implementing injury prevention and ergonomic programs that include customized ergonomic assessments and training.


Andre has provided ergonomic and health & wellness solutions for companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Nestle, and NBC. Andre is also a Musculoskeletal specialist with a passion for human movement and for helping people achieve physical autonomy with their physical practices and lifestyles.

Our mission

Helping people achieve physical autonomy and self-sufficiency with their physical practice and lifestyle.

Why Us

The main feature that makes iErgoFit a valuable presence in the Health & Wellness industry is its focus on occupational and recovery body mechanic education: teaching individuals how, and more importantly, why their bodies move as they do. This consciousness leads to long-term physicality that becomes an invaluable asset. When an individual can learn how to move their body in a way that enhances their best health, iErgoFit has achieved its goals.


Helping people achieve physical autonomy and self-sufficiency with their physical practice and lifestyle.


Injury prevention success with early intervention


Decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year


Customer/employee service satisfaction


Full-time employees with at least a bachelor’s degree

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