Injury Prevention Solutions



​Used to evaluate jobs, identify ergonomic risk factors for injury, and to make recommendations for reducing or eliminating risk factors.

Services range from Walk-through Assessments to full long term Ergonomic Studies aimed to boost productivity and prevent injuries. Customized ergonomics reporting and workplace design recommendations.

Ergonomics Assessments

Ergonomic risk assessments include: assessment of employee workstation setup, posture, and equipment, identifying potential hazards that potentially contribute to discomfort, pain /or decreased performance; onsite adjustments to workstations; equipment recommendations according to each employee’s anthropometrics (body size) and job demands. 

Office Ergonomics Onsite Evaluations

Individual office workstation evaluations are completed using an effective ergonomics assessment model and a structured interview process to gather information.

Virtual Ergonomics Evaluations

Evaluations are typically completed onsite but we are also capable of completing them virtually.  Our Virtual Evaluations save you money on travel time, out-of-pocket costs and time.

Industrial Evaluations

Evaluations for industrial, manufacturing and other non-office type jobs are designed to determine the frequency, duration and intensity of jobs/tasks that may contribute to, or create, ergonomics risk factors.

iErgoFit applies the full weight of our experience and expert knowledge, using published and commonly used tools and, where applicable, state standards and guidelines, to minimize existing ergonomics risk factors.

iErgoFit will lead your organization through a structured process to identify practical and realistic interventions to solve problems and eliminate ergonomics risks factors through engineering, administrative and/or work practice controls.

Once assessments are concluded, a comprehensive report will be generated with the assessment findings and recommendations for job enhancements. Assessment may vary depending on assessment type, group size, area of discomfort or job tasks.