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Human Factors/Usability Testing

Human Factors/Usability Testing:

  • Human Factors & Usability Testing is the exploration of how people interact with products. It involves psychology-based analyses as well as hands-on usability testing.
  • To make sure that your product meets user needs in an optimal way, it’s vitally important that your team maintain a focus on the end users throughout the product development process.
  • Usability testing is a critical component of ensuring your product works well and meets the needs of its target audience. It is a type of research in which user experience (UX) research experts evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. Typically, usability tests require that participants complete a set of tasks while a study moderator watches, listens, and takes notes to collect several types of data that inform product design.


  • Human factors development
  • Project scoping and planning
  • Task analysis
  • Study participant recruitment
  • Formative and summative/validation testing (in-house testing lab)
  • IFU/QRG analysis and comprehension testing
  • Design feedback from human factors experts
  • Friendship groups, in-depth reviews, expert reviews, card sorting, wireframing and journey mapping