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The Secret to Health…

I am writing this short message because I feel that you are owed an apology. For years you have come to us with your problems of lower back pain, sports injuries, weight loss issues, performance goals, etc., and for years you have likely been offered several different (and often conflicting) ‘solutions’ for your ‘problems.’ Each ‘solution’ offered was likely coupled with a claim that that person will ‘fix’ you the fastest….or that THEY have the fastest way or achieving YOUR goal for you. You may have heard or read claims of treatments that provide immediate cures, diets that ‘melt’ the pounds off effortlessly, assessments that ‘find’ out what your exact ‘problems’ are, or training strategies that immediately improve your performance. The problem is…they don’t exist.

The fact of the matter is that a general overview of all of the scientific evidence that has ever been published on human health strategies leads to one common conclusion:

Being a healthy human requires ongoing effort and dedication.

If you have an injury, that means that you have sustained a certain degree of tissue damage. Tissue, no matter the type, requires time to heal. Never, in the history of research has anyone been able to demonstrate a biological tissue responding in a permanent way to a single treatment input. There is no machine, technique, ointment, or pill that can change this fact. It is therefore unreasonable to expect a one-visit ‘cure,’ and it is equally unreasonable for someone to claim that they can provide it. What we can do is insure optimal healing over time which will work to regenerate healthy, resilient, good quality tissue…via ongoing effort and dedication.

If you are hoping to loose weight, diets don’t work (in any lasting way that is). It requires an increase in energy output, a reduction of energy input, and an ongoing diet of healthy, nutrient rich food. Of course there are exceptions and circumstances to take into account….but the solution for each of these requires an equal amount of the secret ingredient – ongoing effort and dedication.

How about the athlete looking to gain the edge on their competition? Well I have good news for you….there are indeed methods that can achieve that goal. The only stipulation is that YOU must approach said methods with ongoing effort and dedication.

Vitamins don’t work if taken only for a week here and there. Muscles don’t get stronger after a single training session. Torn ligaments/tendon/muscles can’t regenerate instantaneously. You can’t reap the rewards of meditation if you do it every now and again. New skills are unusable in absence of ongoing practice and repetition. These are the realities. These are the rules that govern human health and performance.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy searching for ‘the solution’…I will give it to you right now…

Ongoing effort and dedication.

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