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DXT 2 wired mouse

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Compact ergonomic mouse with unique vertical design that allows for a neutral grip. Ambidextrous shape for right and left hand use. USB wired connection.

The DXT 2 wired mouse is a compact ergonomic mouse which has been expertly designed by a team of leading UK physiotherapists and ergonomists. The DXT 2 promotes a neutral (more vertical) wrist posture while allowing the hand to work with a light touch fingertip hold providing precision cursor control. It is the only compact right and left handed ergonomic mouse designed to use the precision movements of the hand.

Ergonomic relaxed neutral wrist and hand position
The design of the DXT 2 enables the hand to work from a relaxed position reducing the tension on the soft tissues.

Precision grip for accurate navigation
Unlike other vertical mice, the DXT 2 is grasped like a pen in the “precision” grip which engages the small muscles and joints of the fingers (as opposed to large muscle groups of the shoulder). These smaller muscles are ideal for mousing because they are better adapted for finer, precise movements.

Instantly switches between right and left hand
Switches between right and left handed use with the tap of a button (no changes to button-assingments in the operating system are required). This unique feature allows mouse-sensitive users to distribute usage between both hands to spread the workload thus maximizing comfort and productivity.

Compact design fits a large range of hand sizes
Because you hold the DXT in your finger tips, it’s compatible with both small and large hands.

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