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Benefits of Building Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass can bring a plethora of benefits to both health and performance (not to mention looking better as a result) that many people aren’t even aware of.

  • Increased resting metabolism and better body composition: Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, body fat is not. This means even when resting, possessing more muscle mass demands energy from your body, also known as your basal metabolic rate.

Extensive research has shown when comparing training interventions for improving body composition, of resistance training, cardio only and combined training groups, combined or resistance training only comes out on top (9, 25), regardless of the population tested (elderly, young, obese etc.).

  • Greater glycolytic efficiency (decreasing resting blood glucose level) – Partly a mechanism for the above point, but this refers to blood glucose levels specifically, especially for those with type 2 diabetes. A prominent mismatch disease (a disease brought about by cultural evolution; 15) symptoms of type 2 diabetes and the ability to control blood glucose fluctuations has been markedly improve with the appropriate resistance training protocols (1, 3, 10).
  • Greater strength capacity – and this is obviously what we all want, don’t we? A larger muscle will always have the capacity to produce more force than a smaller one, provided it’s  trained effectively to enhance neurological strength This factor is literally of the main reasons weight categories exist in many sports.

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